Those Navy Wives…

Sometimes I can be a real bitch, in the sense that I am an extremely prejudiced person. I couldn’t care less what your ethnicity is, but I am a complete snob about behavior and perceived character. Even if I keep it all inside and never let one of those barbed comments pass my lips, it’s still not cool. Still a sin, still not right. I am in no place to throw a stone until I am perfect – which means never.

Today I saw a woman sitting in the plaza outside the Exchange, screaming at her two kids to behave while she sat and chatted with a friend. I wanted to scream at her. Holy crap, could you get a little less classy? Your kids are bored and hanging out in this shitty plaza in the direct sun probably isn’t entertaining – hence why they’re bent on destroying the landscaping. Can’t imagine she would have taken my intervention well. So I scooted along with my latte in hand and nose high in the air. One of those Navy Wives. Ugh. Shoot me if I ever become a dependoppotamus like one of those Navy Wives. Tons of those Navy Wives are such terrible parents. Those Navy Wives can be so lowbrow, those tattoos are a huge mistake, so is that tube top. Blah blah blah, basically some really ungenerous stuff. It’s the un-pretty side of marrying into the military: you assume the other wives are hatin’ and so you join right in.

And then I get home and remember that I’m a Navy Wife too. And that being married to a Sailor or a Marine is no easy task. There’s a reason why they offer a lot of free counseling for people facing divorce, abuse, and substance addiction. I’m very blessed in the state of my marriage and that I have supportive friends both on base and back at home. Not all of the wives on this base can claim that.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I feel really convicted. I’m in no place to judge people I don’t know. I’m well within my rights to not appreciate/partake in other Navy Wives’ lifestyle choices, but I need to stop generalizing and stereotyping. Some of these women are in the middle of long deployments and though they would prefer to not have a breakdown in the grocery store, sometimes that’s just where it happens. My mom sure yelled at me for being a punk when I was a kid and I don’t get all judgey about it with her. (Mom, why couldn’t you have communicated with me more respectfully when I was being defiant & disobedient for the 500th time? – really not a conversation that’s ever going to happen)

So once again, not for the first time and sadly probably not for the last time, I’m handing in my License to be Bitchily Superior To Those Navy Wives. Hopefully next time I’ll have some real Truth imprinted on my brain – that our 100% perfect Savior loved me and died for my sins when I was 0% perfect. I have no right to do anything other than extend that grace and love to other Navy Wives.