Read this: Breastfeeding in Public

Read this: Breastfeeding in Public

This is an article I read the other day about how if you don’t support women publicly breastfeeding then you don’t support breastfeeding at all.

I wholeheartedly agree! You will never catch me leaving the house without my nursing cover within reach. I reserve the full view for my husband and those who know me way too well to feel uncomfortable. Like the grandmothers, sisters, nearly-sisters. But I have nursed all over the place without a second thought. When the little man is hungry, hell hath no fury like a baby denied his milk. I’ve gotten a few sidelong glances but nothing else. So I thought our culture had finally evolved a bit.

But surprisingly, a friend of mine just got judged super harshly –  by another breastfeeding mom no less – just because she chose to openly breastfeed (under a nursing cover) at a party. A child’s birthday party. At a mutual friend’s house. Is there anything more wrong than that? I don’t want to meet this other lady – ignorance might not be contagious, but why take a chance…

I just don’t understand where this childish attitude about breastfeeding came about. Oh no! Boobs! Things that everybody’s seen and are being displayed in the least sexual manner one could ever imagine. And most women keep it on the down-low anyways! I know that there were whole generations where women were told to exclusively use formula because their milk was the wrong color, odor, not nutritious enough, et cetera. So there’s that whole group that never did learn to whip a boob out, which is why breastfeeding in or out of the home nearly bit the dust in the US of A. But hey, girlfriends. Now we know enough to know better.

So… why are women still getting kicked out, sneered at, avoided, and criticized for on-the-fly breastfeeding – even when they try to feed discreetly? Misinformation is obviously at fault. An old friend confessed she had been told it’s illegal to breastfeed in public, and that’s why they hardly ever left their house until she gave up. How depressing, sad, and outrageous.

Maybe we mamas need to be a little less discreet. We’re not the ones with the problem, we’re fixing the problem.